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Are you looking for a Sacramento gutter cleaning service? Then, you’re in the right place.

Cleaning your rain gutters may not be that hard of a job but, it can be dangerous. Moreover, when it comes to your downspout, asking help from professionals may be the best decision especially if you don’t have the tools to effectively clean it without damaging it.

Joseph The Handyman is one of the best and highly rated Sacramento gutter cleaners near you. My services were based upon the idea that a good help should never be hard to find and that clients deserve the best. I am proud to provide my services because I know people are getting good help of something.

gutter cleaning in sacramentoIn doing my services, I take into consideration a lot of things. For instance, your home’s square footage, is it a one or two-story home, are the gutters wrap around the front and rear side, or are there gutters around a detached garage? Further, I will assess the scope of the service whether it is gutter cleaning or gutter repair, or both. This is how quality Sacramento gutter cleaners work.

I do these things not only to get a fuller view of the coming task so I can be the most effective solution to your problem but also, to be able to give you the most appropriate quote.

My Sacramento gutter cleaning service includes:

Consider Joseph The Handyman and you’ll understand why I am one of the top rated Sacramento gutter cleaners near you. I always uphold myself to the highest possible industry standard by providing quality services, respecting your property, and valuing your time, trust, and money. 

The Importance of Sacramento Gutter Cleaning Service

sacramento gutter cleanersProfessional gutter cleaning in Sacramento is an important part of your property maintenance. Clean gutters contribute to the aesthetics and overall curb appeal of your home. Besides, they drive the water away from your roof and foundation which is important to prevent water damage. Otherwise, your home and family may be at risk.

Without routine maintenance, pests could build nests in your gutters which could contaminate and bring diseases. Moreover, moisture, ice, and other debris might be trapped in your clogged gutters and could weaken the integrity of your roof.

In conclusion, taking care of your gutters and downspouts is a way of protecting your roof, foundation, and the entire property from water damage. Sure, you’ll spend some bucks to hire someone to clean your gutters but, you’ll spend a lot more for major repairs later on if you won’t do so.


  • Why hire professional Sacramento gutter cleaners?

    gutter dripping waterThe guttering system is purposely designed to protect your home from the damaging effects of rain or water. That said, a compromised or damaged system will result to expensive foundation and other major repairs.

    While you might be tempted to do Sacramento gutter cleaning service on your own, professionals have the right tools to effectively execute the job, and the right knowledge and expertise to detect minute damages and repair them before they get worse.

  • Why is it necessary to clean my gutters?

    A straight-to-the-point answer would be because they protect your property from water damage. While roof and walls are carefully designed to somehow protect your property from water damage, gutters reinforce their purpose. Rain gutters redirect the rain to keep them away from the more vulnerable parts of your property. 

    That said, poorly maintained gutters will allow the water to flow uncontrollably which increase the likelihood of the water to flow over these weak spots and eventually, end up entering your home.

    black moldSubsequently, wetness in your structure introduces black mold. Mold spores are everywhere, waiting to be activated when exposed to moisture. Additionally, the slow leak caused by a malfunctioning rain gutters makes the problem even worse because the black mold can spread without being noticed.

    This is going to be an expensive clean-up requiring you to hire mold removal professionals. On top of that, you should also consider paying for a hotel or living in your relatives house for a while since, black mold has poisonous properties. Not to mention additional structural damages you might also dealing with.

    So, to answer your question, maintaining your gutters is necessary to prevent all these.  Imagine how much money you can save by having your gutters cleaned regularly.

  • How can a poorly maintained gutters harm my roof?

    Let's start by saying that the reason why your gutters are staying up there because it's attached to something, that is called the fascia. The fascia is a board that runs along the edge of the roof to which your gutter and downspout are mounted.

    Gutters are made of strong but lightweight materials. However, they still put a little pressure on it. When you keep holding off gutter cleaning and allowed huge amount of debris to accumulate, they become heavier putting more pressure on the fascia.

    This might not sound like a huge deal but, believe it or not, costs for this kind of repairs could accumulate rather quickly. To give you an overview, the part of the gutter will be removed first. Then, fix the fascia with a new one including all elements like paint and sealant. Lastly, installing back the gutter or even a new one.

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Professional gutter cleaning service is an important part of your property maintenance. Clean gutters contribute to the aesthetics and overall curb appeal of your home. Besides, they drive the water away from your roof and foundation which is important to prevent water damage.
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