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Quality Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

air conditioning serviceKeep your AC system maintained and you’ll thank yourself later. A well-maintained AC unit saves you energy and money. Also, you will extend its lifespan and avoid the costs of early repairs and replacement. Joseph The Handyman offers a full range air conditioning service in Sacramento. Such as, air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair service, and maintenance. As well as, ductless air conditioning and zone cooling systems. I provide quality installation & maintenance to guarantee customer satisfaction. If you’re dealing with any issue with your system like a frozen ac unit, I am your guy. Ultimately, never worry about your comfort during the hot summer season with my air conditioning service.

Air Conditioning Installation Service in Sacramento

air conditioning repair serviceInstalling an air conditioner is a commitment, not just a purchase. Air conditioner unit can last up to over 10 years with proper maintenance. That said, choosing the one that fits your energy goal and comfort is crucial.

If you’re looking for a complete AC installation or replacement, let me take that out of your burden. I am a licensed HVAC technician who are experienced and skilled in handling AC installation and replacement services. I’ll arrive at your doorstep on time and work with your needs, budget, and preferences to make sure you’re satisfied with my work. I value your time as much as I value mine so, rest assured that I’ll show up when I’m expected to and deliver quality air conditioning service that you deserve.

AC Installation service I offer:

  • window unit installation
  • wall unit installation
  • ductless split system installation
  • evaporative cooler installation

When you have decided or purchased a unit, I’ll help you install it. If you need a new ductwork to accommodate your new unit, I’ll make sure it’s properly done. After all the installation works, I’ll test the entire system to make sure everything is right. Then, you can schedule a regular maintenance to make your system running smoothly for years to come.

Air Conditioning Repair Service in Sacramento

If your AC unit is not working as it should, I’ll be there to quickly diagnose the problem and provide solution. If it turned out that repair is what you needed, I’ll do the job efficiently and correctly and won’t leave a mess behind. Importantly, I always arrive fully-equipped to fix your issue in one visit so you won’t be cooked in the heat while waiting for your AC to be fixed.

Why choose replacement over air conditioning repair service?

Still undecided whether to repair or replace your A/C system? Contact me today for a quote and recommendations. Basically, I’ll assess your home. Then, learn about your comfort goals and budget. After all that, I’ll present you with the air conditioning solution best suited for you. 

Generally, brand new A/C’s are more efficient. Thus, save you money on electric bills.

If the charge for repairs is more than a few hundred dollars and you have no plans of moving address, you’ll definitely save money with a new unit.

A lot of older models used refrigerants that are harmful to the environment. However, new models are more environmentally friendly and conform to environmental regulations.

Without a doubt, new air conditioners provide better convenience. First, they’re not noisy. Second, they last longer. And more importantly, they have product warranties.

Again, I’ll help you decide whether air conditioning repair service is what you need with the best of your interest.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service in Sacramento

air conditioning systemRegular maintenance plans are the most effective ways to prevent cooling system failure. The same is true with your heating and ventilation system.

A certified technician could:

AC Maintenance Service you can do at home

Any preventive maintenance should really start at home. Here are some tips for a do-it-yourself service:

Check furnace filter frequently to avoid dirt building up in the system. Of course, a clean air filter means a more efficient system and better air quality.

Dust will gather on the vents over time as the system operates on a daily basis. Therefore, you must clean the vents several times in one year.

A clean condenser produces cooler air while using less energy. That said, find some time to clean the condenser using a vacuum or brush. Finally, ask a technician if you have doubts about how to do this one.

Contact me for air conditioning repair service today. Or, directly text or call +1 (916) 529-3482 to schedule an appointment.

Air Conditioning Service Knowledge Base

  • What is a central air conditioner?

    Central air conditioning system circulates cool air through a system of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts carry cool air from the air conditioner to the home. As this cool air circulates through and becomes warmer, it goes back to the air conditioner through the return ducts.

  • How does mini split system work?

    First, it's called split system because it has two components. The indoor unit, or the air handler, contains the evaporator coil. While the outdoor unit or cabinet, contains the condenser and the compressor. 

    Basically, this system works by sucking the warm air, lowers its temperature and then, blows it back into the room. The moisture of the room which condenses in the process is then removed through a drain pipe in the outdoor unit.

    If the cooling ability of this system is affected, it means there's something wrong with the condenser. In that case, you need to contact an air conditioning repair service.

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Keep your air conditioning system maintained and you’ll thank yourself later. A well-maintained air conditioning unit saves you energy and money. Also, you will extend its lifespan and avoid costs of early repairs and replacement.
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